Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thing One's crafty gifts

Thing One also got her share of crafty gifts this Christmas. She's excited to machine quilt this top that Daddy bought for her from Ebay. It is about 54X70 or so, a nice size for her to use, but not so big that it will be an overwhelming project for her to finish. She is thrilled with the colors and that some of the squares have Moose (mooses?) on the fabric squares.

The Cute BookThe Cute Book is filled with adorable tiny felt creatures to make. Most of them are about 3 or 4 inches tall. We may need to enlarge them to minimize frustration for her, we'll see. Today I went and bought her some embroidery floss and felt in the colors she wanted. So many other books with adorable things popped up when I looked at this on Amazon...I may be playing with this more than she does!! LOL. I am fascinated by all these cutsie Japanese things, as is Thing One.

She also got this book Now, some of these styles are definitely NOT appropriate for an 11 year old, but there are some cute things in here, and I'd love to have her enthusiastic about refashioning and re-using and garment making, so it is probably a good starting point (besides, we have dozens of extra t-shirts here!).

Aw geez...I have to go out in the COLD to do the Mom's Taxi thing. I'd much rather be sitting here in front of the computer than going to to the car to drag children all over town.

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