Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Isn't Easter supposed to be in the SPRING?

Wow, this early Easter thing has been brutal! Here in New England, we are used to chilly Easters, but this is crazy! I was in Vermont on Saturday, and look at this, is this how you picture the day before Easter?????

There is a propane tank in this picture! Can you see it? I can't, and DH tried to shovel a path to it so that when the delivery man comes, he can get to the tank, but all this snow is frozen solid to the point that it can't even be shoveled! I hope we don't need a delivery anytime soon!

Do you see how tall the snowbank in front of the van is? That is not a hill, that part of the yard is FLAT! Its going to be a long, long time before that all melts.

Anyway, we had a lovely Easter Sunday, even though it was quite chilly.

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