Sunday, March 02, 2008

Second Vest complete (well, almost)

Yay! The orange vest is totally finished, I even sewed the buttons on it this afternoon while I was sitting at the dance studio waiting for Thing One and Thing Two.

Tonights task was the red vest, and I figured that it would go smoothly, since the orange one was no problem. Ha, I should have known better! When I matched up the lining pieces to the vest front and back and sewed around, I had the lining piece upside down, and of course, I didn't notice until I started turing it right sides out...why was the interfacing on the outside? LOL. I had to do a lot of unsewing but then it went together find the second time.

Tomorrow I have to hand sew the buttons on the red vest.

The bowties just aren't going to get done for the pictures. I COULD do them, but I think I'll function better tommorrow if I get some sleep tonight. No big deal to wait for the bowties until closer to the recital.

Tomorrow is my most stressful day of the year. For whatever reason, portrait day is is much more stressful even than dress rehersal or recital day. I think that it is because it is the first time we have to actually get the wiggly children into the fiddly costumes and figure out all these darn pieces that go with the costumes (chokers, head pieces, how the straps go, which way the skirt hangs, etc.). UGH. I do love getting to see eveyone's costumes.

I'll share pictures tomorrow night if I can still see straight by the end of the day.

Monday I am definitely spending the day quilting after all of this!!!

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Marilyn R said...

I'm looking forward to the photos!