Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shop Hopping

Sorry to have disappeared for more than a week!

First of all, our DSL was down for several days. There was lots of misery in this house last week with no DSL connection!! DH normally works at home, and tha is just impossible with no internet, so he kept running to the bagel shop and the library every time he had to upload/download for work. When that got ridiculous, he just drove the 50 miles to the client's office to work, which of course means endless interruptions and low productivity for him. Besides that, I had no access to my quilting blogs and quilt groups, so I was very unhappy. We are looking into Cable internet, but I don't love that option, either. Instead of $24.99 for DSL, cable modem costs $42.95 per month, plus $3.00 to rent their modem and $99 installation charge. Yikes! But our DSL is often slow, and sometimes rather unreliable, so maybe the difference would be worthwhile. DH does depend on his connection for his paycheck.

HOWEVER, I was super productive around here. I got the familyroom/playroom/sewing room mostly straightened out. Now I can see the counters and the floors! Then I sewed, and got a bunch of stuff done. Here is a sample:

This is my March bag from the British Quilt List. I made some errors while doing this, so the size is not right (when you make a mistake, just slice it off!). Thing One loved this, so I gave it to her.

This is the Runaround Bag from Lazy Girl Designs. Just two fat quarters and you get a cute little bag. This one only took about 20 minutes to make, including the zipper. It was seriously easy. Don't notice that the zipper is the wrong color, this one was for practice.

This little table runner is completed to the flimsy stage. This is another of the patterns in the Little Charmers II collection from Anka's Treasures. I showed one of the other ones a few weeks ago in red, white and blue.

This is a quilters waste bag. There is a pincushion on the top and it hangs over the edge of the counter or sewing machine cabinet to catch the trash/threads, etc. I bought this pattern two weekends ago on the Vermont Shop Hop as part of a kit and had to make it right away! I will be making more of these in the near future as gifts for sure. And isn't the Lucky Cat fabric adorable???

After I made the trashbag/pincushion, I had some of that adorable fabric left over, so I used another pattern I bought on the shop hop to make this little coin purse. This pattern was from Indygo Junction and was very country looking, with little hearts and brown and plaid fabrics. Mine doesn't look at all country! I did mess up the zipper a bit, and for some reason the size isn't quite the same as what the pattern says, but still, cute and functional.


Jaio said...

Nice bags plenty of colours. Nothing for men? :-)

Teri said...

nice to see you back and looks like you had a great time traipsing around VT. Love the photos of the quilt all the different varieties and colors, wow!


Marilyn R said...

I love your bags! Looks like you were able to make good use of no DSL time!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, those computer problems sound like a misery. good luck getting that sorted. I've definitely missed you.