Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shop Hopping Day Two

Friday the 14th, we visited a lot more shops.
Our first stop was Country Quilter's Emporium in White River Junction, Vt. was our first stop of the day. There was lots of snow in Southern Vermont, but up in White River Junction, there was very little of it still around. Being in the valley near the CT river must mean that this area is a bit warmer.

The shop hop quilt at this store:

After leaving White River Junction, we traveled over to Northfield to visit Maplewood Quilts. She had her two children with her in the shop, and I said to Thing One, I bet they are homeschoolers, too. And I was right, when we checked out, she asked me if Thing One was homeschooling and we had a nice little conversation about it.
Her version of the quilt had the appliques done with felted wool.

Northland Quilts in Barre was our next stop. This is a rather small shop located in the owners home. It appears that she converted her garage into a shop. She has some very nice things, including lots and lts of charm packs. If you are in Barre, don't miss Hope Cemetary

This shop's version of the quilt

Our next stop was Sewin' Love Quilt Shop in Marshfield. This shop is TINY. But she sells some lovely candles and it smells SO good in there!!

Her version of the quilt was probably my favorite, I'm such a sucker for purple and green! She also had it set up in such a lovely display in the front window!

Are you getting tired yet? We sure were, but we kept going because our day wasn't over yet! Two more shops to go today!
In Waitsfield, in the Mad River Valley of Vermont, we visited Cabin Fever Quilts in an old church in the center of town. If you are interested in owning your own shop in Vermont, this could be the one! I noticed that a sign outside the store said "Shop for Sale". Again, not a ver big shop, but she has tons of great novelty prints.

The shop hop quilt. Which one is your favorite so far?

And finally, our last stop of the day. Yankee Pride Quiltsin Essex Junction. This is a fabulous shop! If you go, don't forget to check out downstairs, where they have the classroom...that is also the location of the sale fabric! This shop has lots of reproduction fabrics.

And this version of the quilt.

Sigh. I'm exhausted just blogging about this long day! We were wiped out by this time. Quick dinner and then early to bed, there are still 5 more shops to visit!

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The Calico Cat said...

Can't say that I have a favorit, but I love seening all of the different variations of the same pattern.