Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Community Service Project

Last night was the meeting of one of my guilds, and they introduced a new Community Service Project that I really like. They are going to do this for National Quilting Day on the 15th, and I think I'll probably do this for a while, it is a great easy way to bust a lot of stash.

There is a project called ConKerrCancer.org, which provides pillowcases for children with cancer or life changing illnesses at Pediatric Hospitals. The brochure says "Cindy Kerr started making pillowcases for her son Ryan when he was in chemotherapy. It always brought a smile when he pulled out a new one before each treatment! She started making them for other kids. Now they are so popular, she can't keep up!"

Yale New Haven Hospital, located here in New Haven, CT is one of many participating hospitals.

Pillowcases are a great stashbusting project that can allow you to make a fun, simple project in a very short amount of time. If anyone is interested in participating, visit the website and find out how to participate.

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