Friday, November 17, 2006



Here is my favorite furry friend (just don't tell the other 3 that they aren't my favorite). He's in the kitty hospital tonight for the third night, and I am missing him a lot. Donyell is 14 years old and is in the hospital because his thyriod levels were very high. Right now he is there because on Tuesday, he was injected wiht Radioactive Iodine as a treatment. Instead of needing a pill 2X per day for the rest of his life, there is about a 99.something% chance that this will cure his problem. (Fingers crossed). The only reason the kitties have to stay in the hospital for three days is to monitor radiation levels and protect the humans from any residual radiation.

I get to pick him up tomorrow, and I'll be so happy when he is back home.

I would have put this in my other post from tonight, but I guess Picasa will only allow you to put one picture in each post. The BLOG THIS part of PIcasa really needs a notepad where I can cut/paste stuff into my post. Of course maybe I'm just doing somethign wrong? Any thoughts? Posted by Picasa

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Tonya R said...

Poor sweetie cat. I hope this treatment works for him so that he doesn't have to have all those pills - no fun for kitties at all unless the pills taste like tuna. I can empathise too, since I'll be going through something similar myself in the upcoming months.