Monday, November 27, 2006

Vermont in Fabric

One of the big things for 5th graders in our local elementary school is the "State Reports", they have to do two of them during the year. Thing One, of course, chose to do Vermont for the first of her state reports. Among the parts of the report, they need to do a couple of free choice projects, either from the suggestions given or a project of their own invention. One of the suggested projects was a monochromatic collage in the shape of the state. She thought this sounded good, but instead of using pieces of paper, she wanted to make it into a sewing project. Approval was given by the teacher, and we began our pillow project. I did cutting with the rotary cutter and ironing, Thing One did the sewing and the arranging and designing. She used the methods of fabric collage in Melody Johnsons Fast Fun Fusible Art Quilts book, with an atlas giving us the outline we needed. In the end, the project was finshed without any big problems. Tomorrow is her presentation of all the reports, the maps and her pillow project. I'm just so happy that she is excited about quilting and sewing.


Anonymous said...

I think there's a patchwork state of Maine in my future! What a cool project.

anne bebbington said...

That is one wicked pillow - good for her for being a bit different and she gets to keep it too whereas all those crinkly paper efforts will probably be consigned to the bin eventually - don't let on I said that - we really do keep every single tiny little bit of artwork they do right from nursery to graduation don't we mums?