Friday, November 17, 2006

Off to see the show!


Okay, not until Saturday, but I'm excited. Thing One, my Mom and I are going on a bus trip Saturday. While there, we'll be stopping at American Girl, Times Square, looking at the tree in Rockefeller Center and of course, seeing the Christmas show. Thing One has never been to New York City, and neither Mom nor I have been in years and years.

Yesterday I made three tops. Don't get too excited, it wasn't as great as it sounds. One was a preemie quilt made from 5" squares, one was a 38" square lap quilt made with 3" squares, and the other was a kids size quilt (40X50) made with blocks that other people made a while ago. No pictures today since my camera battery is dead and I'm too lazy to go find the cable. Maybe tomorrow if I get thru my list of 500 things to do. Posted by Picasa

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