Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Thanksgiving is now over, let the Christmas madness begin! I'm getting set to go out shopping at 6am tomorrow morning with Thing One in search of a Nintendo Wii. Wish me luck. I swore I wouldn't go anywhere near the mall, but apparently I'm going to be there when the doors open. Lucky me. Honestly though, it is the only thing that Thing One asked for as a gift other than a few little things, so I am going to do my best to make her happy. She undesrtands that she might not get it for Christmas, but will eventually get it when it is available.

Today was a day of too much food, too much family togetherness and way too much rain. Thank goodness at least it was rain and not snow. I made the turkey here at my house, along with the stuffing and we went to the in-laws for dinner at 12:30. After we left there, we stopped home for a few minutes, then went off to my parents for dinner again at 5 (I only ate desert and my kids ate Peanut butter sandwiches at my Moms). We celebrated my Dad's birthday today as well. Once we got home, hubby and Thing two left for Vermont for the weekend.

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